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SNELL Stone Systems - specialists in the design and manufacture of machinery for splitting, tumbling and conveying natural and reconstituted stone. Our innovative equipment offers exceptional quality end products, high rates of production, accurate stone sizing and minimal unusable waste from misshapen materials all resulting in higher margins.


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US patent no. 6,240,913 B1, UK patent no. GB 2331483, France patent no. FR 0917940, Italy patent no. IT 0917940,
Spain patent no. ES 0917940, Germany pat no DE 69825958-0. Other international patents pending.

Snell Stone Systems - Specialists in design and manufacture in the UK, of machines for splitting, tumbling and conveying natural and reconstituted stone.

Machines with high rates of production, accurate stone sizing, minimum unusable waste from misshapen materials. So you deliver exceptional quality end-product at low unit cost. Year-on-year.

Snell Stone Systems - Success built on strong innovative technical features designed from working hand-in-hand with stone quarrying, building and plant hire customers. Engineered for quality, using high specification materials. Manufactured for performance and reliability in a wide range of materials and site conditions. Minimal downtime.

Snell Stone Systems - Modular designs configured to match our customers requirements, from single manually controlled machines to full line automation.

We understand our customers' needs and support requirements, worldwide.

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